What Do Successful Individuals Within Companies Do Differently?

After decades of research on achievement, Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson suggests that successful people reach their goals because of what they do, not just because of incredible intuition or talents they possess.

Specifically, successful individuals do at least nine things differently:

  1. Set specific goals.
  2. Recognize and seize the moment to act on goals
  3. Honestly and regularly monitor progress toward goals.
  4. Engage in positive thinking about how to achieve goals and invest time, planning, effort and persistence to reach those goals.
  5. Acquire and develop new skills in order to embrace and succeed at changing what needs to improve.
  6. Persistence and commitment to long term goals while implementing good strategies.
  7. Build willpower by doing what is needed even if you would personally rather not.
  8. Respect your limitations and get support to help you set and achieve goals.
  9. Focus on what TO do, rather than what not to do.

Reference:  Harvard Business Review blog by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D., author of Succeed:  How We Can Reach Our Goals (Hudson Street Press 2011) and blogger on motivation and leadership for Fast Company and Psychology Today.

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