Wayne O’Neill & Associates will attend “P3: A Solution for Texas Water Management” Workshop

Wayne O'Neill and Associates will attend Public Private Partnerships A Solution for Texas Water Management WorkshopWe first revealed “Business Opportunities Grow Through Public Private Partnerships” in March 2013!

Now, the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP or P3)  is sponsoring an interactive workshop called “Public-Private Partnerships:  A Solution For Texas Water Management” and Wayne O’Neill & Associates will  be participating.  The “PPPs: A Solution for Texas Water Management” workshop will focus on what owners need to know to evaluate the new developments, viability and procurement methods for a water P3 in Texas.  For a program agenda, click here.


Why WOA is attending…

  • We value our clients’ customers’ point of view and want to help our clients gain an understanding for owners on how to perform a public-private partnership water project in the state of Texas.
  • We facilitate introductions to the players that need to be teamed up prior to a RFP being issued. (i.e. Lawyers, consultants, financers, etc.)
  • We want a breakdown of what owners need to know/have aligned to be attractive for private financing
  • We will clarify what to look for in a project that would make a P3 project appropriate.
  • We connect with key people and decision makers for water and wastewater in the State of Texas including the following presenters:
    • Senator Kirk Watson
    • Members of the Texas Water Development Board


The higher message for the marketplace…

  • The typical construction partnerships and teaming will not be sufficient in the future.  It is time to start expanding your relationships outside of your industry.
  • Owners that receive government funding HAVE to resort to alternative project delivery models in order to compete/meet their customer’s demands.
  • The reality of P3 projects is coming to the US.  Texas is among the leaders, joining Virginia, Arizona, and California, in making available this new method to fund buildings and other non-transportation infrastructure needs.  On September 1, 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the “Texas Public Private Infrastructure Act,” providing a new path for developing public projects through innovative financing partnerships with the private sector. Given the current fiscal situation facing the state and many of its localities, the adoption of this innovative procurement model was very timely. As the population of Texas continues to grow, an increasing need exists for water management and wastewater projects as well as the development and construction of new public facilities including colleges and universities, schools, hospitals, fire and police emergency response centers, parks and recreation facilities, jails/prisons, and courthouses.  Twenty-six states have implemented a similar delivery process for transportation projects. This legislation is good for units of Texas state and local governments to help develop needed infrastructure. Such public-private partnerships will provide a predictable, recurring, and transparent procurement method to bring world-class projects to meeting Texas’s infrastructure needs while ensuring accountability to the public and taxpayers.

The workshop will be held at the Hilton in Austin, Texas, on September 11, 2013. Co-sponsors include: GCWA Gulf Coast Water Authority, Texas Water Development Board, ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors), DBIA (Design-Build Institute of America), City of Corpus Christi Texas, NAWC (National Association of Water Companies), and Water Design-Build Council.

Stay connected with us as we will be sharing our insights following the workshop.


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  2. Raissa says:

    Standing-room-only event, according to Twitter. Impressive. That’s the kind of audience that $50 billion in water project funding buys them. Hope they all sharpened their ears!

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