Screw Inspiration – Join the Irritational Revolution

wayne-oneill-speaking-keynoteMost speakers get hired to inspire audiences.

Conference coordinators want attendees to walk away inspired and emotional – motivated to conquer the world.

That’s not crazy … but it’s not productive, either, if you ask me.

And that is definitely not my approach as a speaker.

I teach people how to grow their revenue – and that isn’t an inspirational process. It’s an irritational process.

When the Society for Marketing Professional Services hired me to speak at their Build Business 2016 national conference in August, this is what I told them (and what they got excited about): I’m not inspirational, I’m irritational.

You see, inspiration won’t help you grow accounts.

Inspiration won’t help you generate more revenue quickly and in a sustainable way.

Snapping out of the traditional way of thinking will help you do those things.

I challenge my live-event audiences the same way I challenge my clients.

I challenge them to punch through that traditional box they’ve been stuck in, and embrace a new way of thinking. This breaks firms out of “food chain” mentality and helps them see their clients as three-dimensional human beings. Human beings that deal with business and political issues outside of the project at hand.

The audience walks away with practical, real-world skills that they can immediately apply to their business development and revenue generation activities.

Suddenly their salespeople and their technical staff are on the same team. They focus more on presenting their impact than flaunting their resume. They manage client intelligence as diligently as they manage their projects.

This is the change I bring about for my clients – and now I’m bringing that to audiences around the country as a speaker at live events.

I’m speaking about deprogramming business development teams, growing the right relationships to build more profitable accounts, connecting versus presenting, and more. You can learn more about my speaking services here.

At Build Business 2016, I’m speaking about uncovering revenue that’s hiding in plain sight, and developing leadership and management skills that drive effective, profitable go-to-market strategies.

I encourage you to join me at the SMPS conference in Philadelphia in August. You can find the full schedule here – my session is entitled Revenue Hiding in Plain Sight, and right now it’s slated for August 11.


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