RESET: Project Management – The Missing Link

In this video, Maurielle Balczon, talks about the importance of having a Project Manager drive meeting follow-up and accountability.

RESET: Project Management - The Missing Link

Hi everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Wayne O’Neill and Associates video blog series.

Today I’d like us to talk about what goes on behind the scenes of a big meeting. As the Senior Project Manager at Wayne O’Neill and Associates, this is my area of expertise. My name is Maurielle Balczon, and I’d like to share with you why project management is a safeguard protecting the time, resource, and relationship investment between your team and your clients.

How often have we all heard the enthusiastic battle cry, great meeting, everyone. Let’s go do it. What really happens after that thumbs-up closing statement? More than often, not much. But why? The failure of many meetings is a lack of follow-up. All great strategies must be linked to execution. This is why the role of Project Manager so important. They are the link between a good plan and a real-life good outcome.

Follow-up actually occurs in many stages rather than a one-off notice. Taking detailed notes during a meeting is an encouraging first step. But where those notes go that everyone has access to them and is consistently reminded of what needs to be accomplished next. Here is where sharing information is a critical asset in creating momentum, and deadlines assigned to specific team members is necessary. It becomes the Project Manager’s role to communicate with accountable persons leading up to a deadline and to add additional contacts, research, and brainstorming to ensure that everyone feels confident in delivering the final task. You may want to consider leveraging both technology as well as in-person discussions for your project management arsenal.

Another key perspective on follow-up is your team’s point of view on internal structure. Who’s really in charge? Your team must decide at some point that the Project Manager will lead the execution process. Then everyone becomes accountable for communicating to and responding to that project management professional.

Now for another layer. A direct line between your Project Manager and your team’s executive leader is a critical pathway to ensuring you deliver on your clients’ expectations. Yes, your clients can actually feel when your team is on the ball, collaborating and delivering more than expected. So much of what clients pay for is more than just a great product or service. They’re also paying for the ease and confidence in the delivery process.Turn up the volume on your internal project management skills, and you’ll also turn up the investment level on your client’s commitment.

Thanks for listening, and I look forward to hearing your feedback on how project management increases your number of sustainable accounts.

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