How Waterfall Scope Creates Sustainable Business

Everyone says they struggle to look for new business. The real struggle, however, isn’t in landing new accounts.

It’s finding and growing long-term accounts with sustainable revenue.

This is where Waterfall Scope can make a world of difference.

In short, Waterfall Scope is spotting all the opportunities that cascade from a single event.

It’s something we coach our clients on, and it’s something that The Connection Process helps to uncover.

An Example of Waterfall Scope

To illustrate this concept, let’s use drones.

Most of us know what drones are. Or at least we think we do. We know we can go to Best Buy and buy a quad-copter to fly in the park with our kids.

But what’s really happening in the drone business is military.

The military is using drones the size of small commuter aircraft — and because of this, drone airports are popping up.

Drone airports are the top of the waterfall. This is the scope that’s going to tip over and push down a waterfall of other projects.

We know this because at RESET we pay attention. It’s part of The Connection Process that we teach and follow ourselves.

So drone airports are popping up — and what is a central issue of drones, especially in a military capacity?

Data aggregation.

Drones collect and produce data. Up to 2-4 terabytes an hour.

What do you do with that data?

You download it to computers. You assess it. You distribute it. You protect it.

Now it becomes a cybersecurity issue.

So if you’re a university within 60-100 miles of that new drone airport, you’re thinking “I should ramp up my engineering school. Maybe we need two or three more buildings to address the training for cybersecurity, or for data science.”

And using The Connection Process, our clients see that coming from a mile away — and come ready with solutions for that university.

Small Events Lead to Big Scope

It all started with this technical and small event of a new drone airport — but it’s the start of a waterfall of opportunities.

By discovering the business and political issues — by uncovering what’s happening inside companies and within industries that impact client decisions — you can get ahead of it and create scope. You’re no longer sitting around and waiting for scope to present itself.

And by making connections at multiple levels and roles, you’re primed and ready to see opportunity long before it becomes public knowledge. This sets you up to be the first to present a solution, and the most valuable partner to your clients.

The Bottom Line

Uncovering Waterfall Scope is something that you can learn. It’s part of what we coach everyday through The Connection Process.

We help our clients identify the right problems to solve — new buildings for a university, for example.

We help them connect with the right people — the engineering school in this example, not the drone manufacturer.

We help them solve real problems that create real value and develop into long-term, sustainable accounts.

Learn more about The Connection Process.

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