How to Change Your Messaging for Impact

messaggio in bottigliaMessaging is so pivotal to leveraging The Connection Process. Specifically, how you message your impact. It’s a subtlety that most people miss.

One of my favorite videos is from Simon Sinek, where he talks about the difference between the way Apple goes to market and the way everyone else goes to market.

Sinek refers to the outside-in approach that most companies take to go to market. Most companies talk about what they do, how they do it and why they do it – in that order.

Particularly with technical companies, this is how they approach a product launch. They talk about what they do, and they go into more finite detail about how they do it. But rarely do they touch on why they do it.

But this is the reverse of what Apple does. Really, the reverse of what most companies do that develop big followings.

These unique companies with big followings start with the WHY. They communicate the purpose and belief of their organization.

Purpose and belief link to the impact of your product or service. You can then link this impact to the business and political issues your customers are struggling with. This creates a narrative that pulls your audience in.

This is how you take The Connection Process to a whole new level. You start your message with a “why” narrative. Why does your company exist? What drives you? What is your purpose or your big belief? Specifically related to the vertical markets you are positioning yourself in.

Starting with the why actually inspires and excites your audience.

Think about the excitement around an Apple product launch. Or, GoPro is another great example. The top leadership at GoPro is very why-driven. Their “how” and “what” stories are actually not that complex. Their “why” story is about helping you share your experiences with friends, family and the world. THAT is what sets their company apart, makes them memorable and connects them with their audience.

The Bottom Line

Think about how you are messaging your company to your clients and customers. Are you starting with the what, then explaining the how and maybe touching on the why? Or are you starting with the big WHY?


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