Are You Holding Up the Right Mirrors to Evaluate Your Business?

Does your business activity feel stuck? Does it seem like project scope isn’t moving or you’re struggling to grab more pieces of scope?

We know it’s challenging for many companies in the pandemic recovery period, but there is an opportunity to use this time period to get out of neutral and start revving your engines again to achieve revenue growth. This requires an in-depth evaluation aided by a helpful perspective.

How to Start Moving Again in Pandemic Recovery

Many industries have been paralyzed by the pandemic, forcing companies to look around waiting for an “all clear” signal to start moving again. Here’s a tip: don’t wait around for an imaginary indication. Start taking action now to improve your company in anticipation of activity ramping up again.

You can start by taking inventory of your team, skills, and processes. Consider this assessment:

  • How is your team approaching clients and engaging with clients?
  • What are you doing right?
  • What do you need to improve on?
  • What do you need to add to your skill set?

An internal evaluation is a good starting point. But, to take the next step of true evaluation, find some reliable mirrors to hold up to your company. These external sources of insight will help you unlock unproductive activity or bad habits that you likely did not realize were affecting your company.

Using feedback, you can re-assess, improve, and grow your approach to engaging with clients. Then, your company will be positioned to quickly accelerate during the pandemic recovery.

Why Seek Out Reliable Mirrors to Evaluate Your Business?

Think about any hobby that you enjoy on a regular basis. Whether it’s writing, cooking, driving, hunting, fishing, golfing, or another sport, you probably learned this hobby by watching someone else. Or, you read a few books, received some training, and took a few lessons to get started.

Then, there comes a time when you have to make a decision about whether you want to become even better at this hobby. This is where a reliable mirror such as a coach, family member, or expert friend can help you take the next step by identifying any bad habits that have formed.

By identifying areas of weakness, you can take the next step of fixing bad habits, embracing new techniques to become better, developing good habits, and building muscle memory to continue using the new techniques that you learned.

The exact same principle applies to evaluating your business so that you can accelerate and grow. The key is finding a few reliable mirrors that can provide the necessary outside perspective that will help you and your team develop good habits that lead to revenue growth.

Who Are the Reliable Mirrors For Your Business?

Reliable mirrors are available to provide you with constructive feedback and timely coaching. It’s up to you to seek out these mirrors and then implement their input.

– Project Scope Delivery Partners: P/SDPs are uniquely positioned to provide you with valuable intelligence about target clients. They are already embedded in your clients’ organizations, they understand the decision-making process, and they have identified the issues behind the issues that need to be addressed when crafting a solution.

P/SDPs are pivotal in helping you build an authentic connection with clients. They are also key to your coaching mirror to ensure that your company is leveraging your solution for impact, not just trying to get hired. P/SDPs can help your team answer these questions:

  • Do we truly understand our clients’ challenges and what problem they are trying to solve?
  • Are we asking enough questions and showing enough care about the problem?
  • Are we talking to multiple levels in the organization to grasp the full scope of the challenge?
  • Are we aligned with our clients’ business and political issues?
  • Are we crafting a comprehensive solution that solves the larger problem?

This evaluation will help expose gaps or shortcomings in your team’s approach to engaging with clients. Then, you can use feedback from P/SDPs to make improvements and implement better habits in the client engagement process.

– Business Coach: A business coach can help you and your team think differently about how you’re engaging with clients to reach your revenue goals. Because if you’re stuck in your current approach, then it’s time to make some changes to start moving again.

For instance, there may be habits that you thought were good habits that are actually poor habits. Also, a business coach can help you identify connections that you didn’t think were important or identify other smaller clues that can pay big dividends. A business coach will dive into your approach by asking these questions:

  • Have you talked to this compatible organization that can help you create a more comprehensive solution?
  • Did you know that your target clients’ market has completely changed in the past 3 months?
  • Are you actively researching upcoming business or political changes that will affect your client?
  • Are you aware of how a merger will affect business and political issues in the client organization?
  • Is your team sharing intelligence to formulate a complete picture before crafting a solution?

You might be surprised by the answers. But, the answers from this reliable mirror will provide you with a roadmap to form good, new habits that will help you get back on track.

Consider Coaching From RESET As a Reliable Mirror

At RESET, we want to help your company find growth opportunities, even during the pandemic recovery. We believe the best starting point is an evaluation of your current approach to client engagement. We’ll hold up a mirror to your business to identify current habits, then help introduce better habits and show you how to implement new techniques.

We provide coaching through The Connection Process, our proven methodology that leverages your client connections to create faster, more sustainable revenue. By walking through this process together, your company will be positioned for revenue growth by grabbing more pieces of project scope and moving scope along faster.

We would appreciate the opportunity to help get you moving again. If you’re stuck and need a helping hand, reach out to us today. We are confident that we can work together to find a clear path forward.


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