Why Do You Need a Business Coach To Reach Your Revenue Goals?

Throughout 2020, business leaders have been in survival mode. It’s been a day-to-day challenge navigating Zoom meetings, budget calls, COVID-19 check-ins, and other demands that no one would have anticipated at the beginning of the year.

Now that we’re in the second half of the year, it’s time to think about the new business goals for your company. Strategy has changed. Objectives have changed. The tactics to execute the strategy have changed. Now more than ever, you need a business coach to help reach your revenue goals.

Why A Business Coach to Reach Revenue Goals?

During this period of constant change and re-evaluation of the change, it’s easy to lose sight of what the revenue goal is.

Picture a quarterback dropping back to pass in football. Suddenly, the defensive linemen are coming after him, his offensive linemen are struggling to hold up the integrity of the pocket, and the quarterback’s eyes drop down to evaluate the chaos around him. He’s lost sight of where his receivers are in the field. He’s in scramble mode. He’s now in flight or fight mode deciding whether to run or throw.

If only someone could yell out to him in that moment to take his eyes off the chaos around him, put his eyes back down the field, and remember the goal: find the open receiver ready to catch the ball. That’s a business coach during today’s business environment.

Customers are disengaging. Revenue streams are disappearing. Business partners are holding on for dear life. And you’re likely tired of working remotely and ready to get back in the air to meet with clients.

A business coach can help bring your eyes off the chaos all around your feet. A business coach can help you look down the field to the future opportunities that are available right now. The key is surrendering today’s concerns and trusting in that hopeful future. Then, a business coach can help you identify the best approach to grow your revenue.

How a Business Coach Can Help Achieve a Brighter Future

When we talk to clients in industries such as healthcare, higher education, government, and technology, we focus on the relationship. The relationship — more than the RFP — is the driving force that can help you realize the brighter future ahead.

Relationships with owners, project/scope delivery partners (P/SDPs), service providers, or vendors is critical at this stage. It’s inevitable that your business and your leadership teams will get stuck without tapping into relationships. Your team will end up chasing down every RFP hoping to win any work available.

But, a business coach can help you identify the best path forward to leverage your solution for value and impact by tapping into existing relationships as well as new relationships that you may not be aware of that could be the key to future growth.

  • Identify Smart Clients. A business coach can help you identify the best clients to engage with that align with your new business goals. This includes identifying the leader within a client organization who understands the impact you will have on their business.
  • Align with Business and Political Issues. A business coach can help you discover what’s really happening inside the client organization, evaluate the external business issues that are affecting the client, and evaluate the internal events happening inside the client company that impact decision-making. Then, you can strategize the ideal solution that helps solve the problem behind the problem within the organization.
  • Develop Multiple Paths to Connection. A business coach can help you identify the right people to talk to within the client organization. Talking to multiple roles and levels in the organization will help you formulate a more comprehensive solution to grab larger pieces of project scope.
  • Leverage Your Solution. A business coach can help you create the ideal narrative that connects your solution to solving the larger problem for the client organization. It’s about connecting your impact to the client’s business and political issues.

In our company, we call this The Connection Process. It’s a proven methodology that helps business leaders think bigger and broader about how they are leveraging their solution to solve larger problems instead of just responding to the RFP at face value.

Embracing this approach requires relationship-building, team buy-in, and patience to see the process unfold over time. Fortunately, there is an opportunity right now to tap into this methodology to leverage connections to create faster, more sustainable revenue. By implementing the process at current-state when everything is on the table during the disruption, your organization can start fresh and accelerate growth in a more collaborative and intelligent way.

Our business coaching team can help guide you through this process. We’ll work directly with your organization to identify those smart clients, help you see opportunities that are not visible in the daily chaos, and give you the tools to champion a new way of engaging with clients that leads to growth.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to further discuss how our approach to business coaching can help you achieve new business goals in the current environment. Contact us today to discuss The Connection Process and how this methodology applies to your organization.


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