Healthcare Project Delivery Partner Session

October 14, 2011–Service Providers are looking for ways to collaborate more effectively in order to develop creative solutions that meet the needs of today’s most competitive owner institutions. Last week at our exclusive, invite-only Project Delivery Partner (PDP) Session the Wayne O’Neill & Associates team facilitated a discussion around the most pressing business and political issues in one highlighted market—healthcare. We carefully selected a group of service providers in an array of industries, both directly related to and outside of the healthcare market, to explore each firm’s unique capabilities and how they might be able to offer unexpected, dynamic solutions for healthcare through collaboration with each other. Non-traditional pairings and solutions, such as the ones devised at our PDP Session, are what give owners and the institutions they lead a competitive on the fast-track of innovation.

During our recent PDP Session for the healthcare segment, the group of Service Provider participants identified owner institutions that are leading transformational advancement.
Through a dialogue about the overarching challenges the healthcare industry is facing, and identifying which institutions are wanting to remain ahead of the game in addressing those challenges, the participants collectively chose which groups they wanted to design specialized offerings for.

The strength of a PDP Session is in the fact that it empowers Service Providers to proactively create work opportunities that both leverage their firm’s unique capabilities and incorporate the most competitive institutions and partners in a target segment. Resulting from this past week’s PDP Session, the group ended up with 5 game-changing opportunities to pursue in the healthcare market that everyone can be rewarded by.


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