Connecting With The Leadership Level

Panicked yet? Done cutting dead weight from your delivery teams? Have you slashed your sales and marketing budget by 60-80%? …Now what?

Believe it not, not every service provider in most markets is taking the draconian measures that always seem to make sense during times of fear and uncertainty.

But how do we get back to the basics of building revenue and profit when we see and listen to so much hand wringing…every day?

A suggestion…start with “connecting” with the leadership level of your existing and targeted new clients…not just the technical level we all feel more comfortable talking to.

Continue by learning the language of “business and political issues”

At the top of the list for most owners we interact with after a year of financial meltdown…financial engineering. Creative sources of funds…Creative packaging of capital expenditures into strategic components…Components that are executed with tighter than imaginable milestone schedules linked to dramatically quicker revenue streams.

8% interest can make our clients queasy…unless it’s attached to a certainty of funding.

Public Private Partnership structures can be complex and un-nerving to owners and service providers alike…unless those structures advance the project delivery ball.

Not your job to understand?…or facilitate.?….or help your clients through their financial engineering discomfort?

Think again….


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