Connecting Vs. Presenting: A Recap of the SMPS Southern Regional Conference

You can’t just present your offering and expect your audience to grasp the impact.

This is what I wanted to drive home when I spoke at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Southern Regional Conference in Austin on Feb 4, 2016.

The name of my presentation was “Connecting Vs. Presenting” – and the topic seemed to really resonate with the conference attendees. We had standing room only for our session with a record setting attendance level for the conference as a whole.


To me this illustrates a fundamental shift happening in business today.

People are more than realizing that traditional sales methods have stopped working with target clients.

Walking into a client meeting with the mindset of answering exactly what is being asked won’t get you results.

Walking in with the mindset of connecting and addressing their business and political issues – THAT is what builds relationships and grows accounts today.

THAT is what moves you away from constantly expending energy to win one-off projects as opposed to acquiring streams of revenue within accounts with your clients.

During my presentation, I gave attendees some powerful tools to shift their mindsets and RESET their go to market growth practices.

I’ll be speaking again at the next SMPS event in Philadelphia, PA, at the Build Business Synthesis Conference, August 10-12, 2016. If you can make it, I can promise you that you’ll walk out with the tools you need to make a connection with your clients – and make a huge impact on both their business and your own.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Eric Churchill, VP of Business Development at Broaddus & Associates, for his warm introduction at the SMPS Southern Regional Conference. Eric has witnessed firsthand how The Connection Process methodology dramatically changes the way companies go about business development, and results in faster, more sustainable revenue growth. I appreciate him sharing his thoughts with the crowd, and welcoming me to the stage so enthusiastically.


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