4 Steps to Year-Round Performance

Congratulations! You’ve officially made it through the first quarter of the fiscal year.

How are you doing with your overall progress toward your company’s annual goals?

Here at RESET, we’ve noticed with our clients that this is the time of year when a bit of a slump starts to happen. They start to lose their initial new-year enthusiasm, and they struggle to regain momentum toward reaching their annual goals.

If your team is experiencing this right now, we’ve got a few tips on how you can renew your team’s energy and regain that momentum.


1. Keep Your Eye on the Horizon Line — Not the Ocean Between Here and There

When we set new goals at the beginning of the year, we are filled with excitement, hope and enthusiasm about the opportunities we see in our future, and in the future of our company. But along the way, actually having to enact those changes makes us feel vulnerable and scared.

Change is scary. Change is different. It’s so tempting to revert back to our old ways of behaving, and settle back into our comfort zone.

To overcome these uncomfortable transitions, focus on the fulfillment and progress that’s just beyond the change.

2. Define Your Goal to Unify Your Team

Does your team know what your company’s main goal is right now? Chances are, they don’t. Recent studies show that only 42% of employees know their employer’s vision, mission and values.

So first, make sure your team knows what goal to unify around. Then, set reasonable expectations defined around a purpose and motivation linked to that goal. This will help everyone feel intrinsically inspired to collaborate toward that single objective.

3. Be Crystal Clear About Priorities

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Once you’ve got your goal and priorities nailed down, there’s still the risk of conflicting priorities among your team members. When not everyone is on the same page about what comes first, second, third and so on, it becomes a huge distraction. When there’s no clarity around which thing should come first, people start feeling that they’re juggling too many balls.

To solve this proactively, create a structured plan for your team for the remainder of the year. Make sure everyone is following that same plan, and things will run much more smoothly for everyone.

4. Get Buy-In

But even the best laid plan will fail if not everyone is on board with it. You must get collective buy-in from the entire team to get everyone pulling in the same direction.

Assure each of your team members that the goals you’ve set out are in the highest and best interest of the firm — but also that everyone individually is capable of achieving them.

The Bottom Line

If you’re still experiencing any roadblocks to maintaining momentum with your team, we’d love to help. Our coaching methodologies are proven to help your team go from good to outstanding. Connect with us online at or on LinkedIn.


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