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Revenue Growth Workshop

$2,450 per person February 23-24, 2016 Irving, Texas

Hosted by

Wayne O'Neill

Creator of The Connection Process™

  • Is your revenue growth stagnated?
  • Are you seeking to grow account relationships over one-off project work?
  • Do you have a next generation team you need to further integrate?

What's really in the way of your growth?

It’s time to RESET your approach.

Register for this 2-day interactive event delivered by Wayne O’Neill, creator of The Connection Process™, a proven 4-part methodology designed to drive sustainable revenue growth, and learn how to create and shape the work your firm wants to win.

Your company has capabilities and skills on par with the global leaders, and you’re ready to get to that next level:


  • Design and Construction
  • Strategic IT
  • Strategic Intent


  • Mid-tier regional players interested in driving their growth


  • Executive/Leadership level who ultimately "own" the revenue growth for their firm

A structured 2-day interactive workshop combining information/education on strategies that create work scope and revenue:

  • Small group setting (12-15 attendees), fostering open and frank communication
  • A respectful and dignity-protecting environment
  • Interactive, collaborative, specific to your growth challenges
  • Combined with information/education on the specific strategies that will help you work toward solving those challenges

Attendees will walk out with actionable things they can change and adjust for themselves and within their team:

  • Understanding the fastest way to connect with owners and their decision-making process
  • Learning to break your industry's traditional “food chain” 
  • Implementing sustainable pathways to account-based relationships 
  • Leveraging partner relationships to create impact and speed to revenue
  • Learning a collaborative new approach called “The Connection Process” 
  • Combine what you do now with what you learned at the workshop


February 23-24, 2016



La Cima Club

5215 North O'Connor Boulevard

The Tower at Williams Square, Suite 2600 

Irving, TX 75039


Valet parking is available at La Cima Club on the north side of the Central Tower during all hours of operation. Self-parking is available in the west and east parking garages.


$2,450 per person

Attendees will receive:

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Call or Email:

Maurielle Balczon

Phone 713.854.5079


DAY 1: Tuesday, February 23

Welcome and check-in

Breakfast and coffee provided

Welcome, introductions, setting expectations


Owner advisory lessons learned (Part 1)

  • Importance of evolving your go-to-market strategies as the decision-making process is changing
  • Who are the real decision makers? What goes into their decision-making process?
  • What are they really seeking?
  • How do they want to be approached and communicated with? How can you show them respect through the process?

Owner advisory lessons learned (Part 2)

  • What’s really in THEIR way, and how understanding this can help you shape account relationships
  • Are owners really understanding what you’re saying? Do they care about what you do?
  • What’s going on at an emotional level with decision makers? How can understanding that help you?
  • What are the things owners want you to know about what they’re thinking that they’ll never think to tell you, and maybe don’t even know how to articulate

Lunch provided


Specific challenges you and the other leaders attending are facing on your team, in your markets, in your geographies, etc.

  • Focus on the work shaping process, proposal process, work delivery process
  • Focus on the business and political issues and market intelligence you may be missing

Stewardship to Equity Strategy that can help your growth

  • What is stewardship to equity?
  • How can it connect to your company, markets, target accounts?
  • What are some success stories/examples that have worked for our clients, and other companies out there?

Happy hour at La Cima Club, provided

DAY 2: Wednesday, February 24

The Connection Process

  • Teaching a new approach that focuses on shaping the work you want with the accounts you want

The Connection Process (continued)

  • Identifying “smart” clients
  • Identifying business and political issues
  • Developing multiple paths, leveraging relationships and partnerships
  • Leveraging what you’ve learned to connect and engage



What fundamentals do you need for this approach?

  • How do you manage the process?
  • Focusing your team
  • Project management
  • Integrating The Connection Process methodology
  • Connection Flywheel

Some “how to” examples


We are business growth strategists coaching The Connection Process, our proprietary methodology, which is designed to help businesses grow in a faster, more collaborative, and intelligent way. By showing leadership teams how to systematically gather intelligence and leverage their value, we help companies build flywheels for long-term sustainable growth.

Our mission is to block out the typical noise and clumsiness of the traditional sales process, and to facilitate productive conversations between “smart” clients (the owners of decisions) and impactful service providers. Because when that connection happens, both sides win.