What I want you to buy is...STOP SELLING


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RESET: What I Want You To Buy Is … STOP SELLING

The last book about sales you’ll ever need. And it’s not even a sales book.

It’s time to RESET the way you think about growing your revenue.

Growing in a faster, more sustainable way is not about selling – it’s about connecting. Building accounts, not getting projects. Building relationships, not socializing. Growing comprehensive programs, not winning a single client.

RESET: What I Want You To Buy Is … Stop Selling addresses the reality of the world we now live in. A noisy world where it’s increasingly difficult to break through with your message. To make an impact today, you need to connect with the right people in the right way, and create flywheels for long-term growth. This book shows you exactly how to do that.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

RESET: The traditional sales process is broken. It’s time to reach clients and partners in a whole new way.

REASSESS: Learn to think creatively to connect with others and solve complex issues.

REFORM: Establish new behavior patterns that enable you to build better business relationships.

REFRAME: Change how you interact for bigger impact. (Hint: A little chaos can be a good thing.)

REACQUAINT: Use strategic thinking to address others with your new approach. Help them capitalize on their existing partnerships and resources.

RECEIVE: Build a flywheel by instigating actions that build momentum and continue to work hard for you long after your initial effort.

RESPOND: Use your new ideas and connections to respond to your market in repeatable and sustainable ways.

RESET: What I Want You To Buy Is … Stop Selling is now available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

From the leader in go-to-market strategy. Wayne O’Neill compiled 25+ years of account development expertise, remarkable success coaching Fortune 500 companies and other nationally recognized brands, and his breakthrough methodology to create a book full of game-changing insight for service providers and decision-owners alike. If you’re ready to break from the pack, make sales easier and make a bigger impact in your market, pick up this book today.

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