Why We Coach Connecting – and Won’t Just Introduce you to our Contacts

As our leadership network and the value of our clients’ projects have grown in the last several years, people often ask us to connect them with our clients. Now, we are passionate believers in the value of connecting people. Our proprietary coaching methodology is called The Connection Process for a reason.


Connecting people without coaching them is not something we do, and we have very specific reasons why that is.

In this post, I’d like to address the elephant in the room. While we’re all about connecting people, coaching is a critical part of the process — here’s why.

The Three-Way Value Chain

At RESET, we focus on three specific types of businesses. Over the years, we’ve found that these businesses provide great value individually — but when brought together their value grows exponentially.

The first type of client we serve is the Institutional Owner. These are visionary organizations like hospital systems and universities that require large-scale infrastructure projects to advance their institutional mission. These clients are often seeking valuable financial capital and brilliant service providers to help them move these projects forward.

The second type of client we serve are the brilliant Service Providers. These are companies like building and technology firms that are seeking complex, high-impact projects to fulfill.

Third and finally, we serve value-driven Financial Funds. These organizations seek worthy investment opportunities with a lasting return.

When brought together, these types of clients make big impacts and do great things in this world. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be a part of that, and it’s why we believe in connecting and coaching these three types of businesses to create win-win opportunities in a strategic and thoughtful way.

How Coaching Fits In

The Connection Process, our four-step coaching methodology, is the foundation of everything we do here at RESET. It works with every client, every time. At first glance, the four steps of The Connection Process might appear basic, but our clients find that they’re complex to execute in detail. This is why we don’t just teach the process, we coach clients through it.

So what is involved in the coaching? We combine the disciplines of leadership coaching + sales training + deal creation to show you how to maximize resources you’re already financially and energetically invested in.

Here’s what most people get excited about when they talk to us, however: We also introduce our clients to new deal opportunities with unprecedented access to our exclusive leadership network.

At this point, most people ask, “How come you don’t just introduce me to all your great connections? Why do I have to coached by you if I’m already an experienced professional?”

Because without coaching you, we’re setting you up to fail — and to potentially harm your business and the businesses in our network.

Why Connecting Without Coaching Could Be Harmful to Your Business

Let me reiterate: Selling you leads without strategic guidance could potentially produce harmful results in the marketplace, be risky for connections in our network that rely on and trust our vetting process, and would be setting you up to fail at promising opportunities.

Our coaching process was designed specifically to help Institutional Owners, Service Providers, and Financial Funds work together most effectively for everyone’s benefit. There is an art and a science to connecting in a way that produces maximum results and the longest lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Forgoing coaching, therefore, is not an option when you work with RESET.

The Bottom Line

We move projects forward by combining institutions with mission, service providers with skill, and financial funds with capital. The middle point where these three types of businesses meet is creating incredible value for these businesses, their customers / stakeholders, and the public. It’s an important role that we take very seriously here at RESET.

If you’re interested in learning how to create deals that change your business and change the marketplace, stop by our office or find us online at We’d love to help you make the impact you were destined to make — starting today.


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