Value Proposition Shaping

We are all salespeople in some way or another. Maybe you are trying to “sell” a new idea for a project to your co-worker or you are trying to “sell” your spouse your ideas for the next family vacation. This is all selling and whatever your service (project or idea) it is important to have a strong value proposition.

By definition a value proposition is a short business statement that convinces potential target clients to use one particular service that will add more value or be a better solution than similar offerings. A value proposition needs to be concise and appeal to the decision makers of the company.  A good value proposition should provide convincing reasons why a client should use your service and differentiate you from competitors. Profits can be lost if clients lose sight of the company’s value proposition.

How does your value proposition look? Can you describe what you do in terms of tangible results? Do you have provocative lesson learned stories? There are creative ways you can do to have the ingredients for an impactful value proposition:

  1. Know your client
    1. Who are they? What are their needs?
    2. What are their business and political issues?
    3. Know your service
      1.  What differentiators can you provide to help them solve their needs?
      2. What value and hard results does your service offer the client?
      3. Know your competitors as well as your partners
        1. How does your service create more value than competing ones?
        2. How could you collaborate with external partners to create solutions?

Shaping a value proposition is not only useful but essential. You want your clients to see the specific value your service brings to them. Develop a value proposition to navigate strategic challenges and opportunities to grab the attention of your client in such a way they will know your service is perfect for them.


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