The Exponential Impact of Sharing Information

Connect written on multiple road signYour top executive is connecting with a client, but not involving anyone else from your company in the relationship because it’s a more personal relationship.

Your technical person is connecting with another person at that client company because they believe a technical connection is going to drive everything.

Your go-to-market person – maybe from business development or maybe from marketing – is connecting separately with another person at that client company.

Your company has multiple connection points with the client company, and that’s a good thing – certainly better than doing nothing – but you’re missing something huge: the exponential impact of sharing information.

Imagine if you connected with your clients in all those different ways, but everyone shared their perspectives and worked together to analyze and assimilate the information.

Working together like this, you can stay in veterinarian mode and out of doctor mode. In other words, you can pick up on messages your clients can’t put into words.

The Bottom Line

Clients give you clues. Sometimes it’s hard for them to tell you exactly what’s wrong. It’s your job to connect those dots and come up with a solution. This is so much easier when you are collecting and comparing notes throughout the connections process.

Let me be clear: It’s not BAD for connections to happen individually. But it’s so much faster and more satisfying for the client and for your own organization if you connect collaboratively.



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