Knowledge Transfer and Legacy Planning

By Maurielle Balczon

A long-term career full of lessons learned gives seasoned leaders deep smarts, but who is going to take on that knowledge as the organization continues to grow over time? How will critical content be transferred even after the current leadership’s tenure is over? All levels of the organization feel they own a piece of the business but, without a plan for the continuity of knowledge, the hard won work may quickly unravel as senior leadership take on other avenues in life.

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Managing Multiple Generations for Effective Collaboration

By Wayne O'Neill

The “traditional” business model is no longer working. Why? Competitors are now global and come from younger, fast growing markets who approach business differently. Overarching these challenges is the need to successfully hire the right people, work effectively with leadership and manage today’s multi-generational workforce…

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Revenue Growth Workshops

Stewardship to Equity