Revenue Creation During Uncertain Times: Live Coaching Webinar With Wayne O’Neill

While news headlines and your current operating reality may paint a dim picture of market conditions, we’re here to tell you about a much brighter outlook with major opportunities available just beneath the surface.

RESET is grateful to be on the pioneering edge of opportunities linked to capital funding for project scope creation. We are regularly in contact with our Wall Street partners who are looking to drop sovereign wealth funding into construction projects in higher education, healthcare, government, aviation, and more industries.

We were even asked by the Houston Business Journal (HBJ) to offer coaching about how businesses can navigate current economic conditions. In his recent article, RESET CEO Wayne O’Neill presented strategies of how to balance short-term problem-solving and long-term business continuity objectives to re-generate cash flow, remain operational, and reposition your organization for sustainable growth after COVID-19.

Because of the wonderful response we received to Wayne’s HBJ article, we decided to bring this optimistic message to a live audience on Thursday, May 7.

In the live coaching session with our CEO, we unpacked the opportunities for project scope creation and delivery available right now. Because the long-term solution is not waiting for a return to normalcy; it’s pursuing opportunities that you can access right now.

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Topics Covered in the Live Coaching on Revenue Creation

During the live coaching session, we covered the following topics pertaining to how to generate revenue during the current economic disruption.

1. Why it’s dangerous to wait for a return to normalcy.

2. How to conceptualize what the “new normal” will look like for clients.

3. The biggest revenue-generating opportunity that is hiding in plain sight.

4. Why it’s okay to disrupt or even irritate your market when pursuing problem-solving in the “new normal.” [For additional insight, read Wayne O’Neill’s latest HBJ article on this very topic.]

5. How to shift gears from being on the defensive during the economic crisis to get back on offense creating project scope and generating revenue.

6. The specific actions that healthcare, higher education, and government can take right now to position themselves for revenue generation.

Topics Covered During the Q&A Portion of the Live Coaching

Following the live coaching session, we also addressed several questions from webinar participants. During this live Q&A portion of the session, we covered the following topics.

1. Common COVID-19 related business and political issues that companies need to align with right now.

2. What sovereign wealth funds expect from their investments in U.S. capital projects.

3. The role of a special purpose entity to solve and create project scope.

4. The types of institutions and organizations that are targeted for concession funding.

5. How a special purpose entity is affected by mergers and consolidations in specific industries, such as healthcare.

Connect with RESET to Keep the Conversation Going

We invite you to watch the webinar with Wayne O’Neill and share the video with colleagues who could also benefit from this live coaching session on Revenue Creation During Uncertain Times.

To find out more about how to connect with our team for business coaching, creating and delivering project scope, and accelerating deal flow, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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