RESET: What I Want You to Buy is Stop Selling

In 2014, Wayne O’Neill will publish his first book, titled RESET: What I Want You to Buy is to Stop Selling.

RESET is about The Connection Process; the methodology developed by Wayne O’Neill that helps businesses grow in a faster, more collaborative, and intelligent way. By showing leadership teams how to unhook from traditional (linear) sales techniques, and focus on systematically gathering intelligence and leveraging their value, companies are set up to build flywheels for long-term sustainable growth.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what this picture is about. What I’m hoping your thinking is, it’s kind of weird but it’s also kind of intriguing.

Well, this spring I’m launching a book called Reset.

I hired an illustrator to do this picture because I want us to start the journey of
rethinking the linear process.

It’s not a sales book. It’s about The Connections Process. What it is about is learning how to connect with your clients collaboratively. It’s learning how to fail faster to grow your company faster.

But more than that, it’s about learning about the business and political issues that drive the leadership teams of all of your clients, and how they are aching for you to bring them solutions and not just to offer them your services or your products. It’s about creating a flywheel, a flywheel of growth that has a foundation on account development. Step by step in the book I’m going to walk you through each component of The Connections Process. It’s nontraditional, but it will change the trajectory of the growth of your firm.

What I fervently hope, that you consider reading this book because it’s a quick read, is that it will inspire you to change the way that you go to market and the way that you consider growth in the future for your firm.

Thanks for listening and be safe.

  1. SOOOo excited to read it Wayne!

  2. Bradley Paul Phillips says:

    Wayne, so delighted to learn of your pending book. Can’t wait to get my copy.

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