RESET: Leveraging Social Connecting To Speed Growth

Are you one of those people who just hates social media? You think it’s about people trying to sell you something, brag about themselves, or worse yet tell you something personal? Or, you might feel it’s just one more thing you’ve got to manage and update.

I’m here to tell you that like it or not, social media platforms are proving to be unbelievable connection tools. And I’m all about finding more ways to effectively connect with my market and potential client base in time effective and cost effective ways.

I know that if I’m not keeping my fingers on the issues that are driving decisions in our target industries, and within our target clients, I’ll never be able to piece together solutions that connect with the things important to them.

Still skeptical? I encourage you to check out our latest video about leveraging social media to speed your revenue growth.

Leveraging Social Connecting to Speed Growth


Today, I’d like to share with you the art of leveraging social media, or, in today’s current vernacular, social selling, to speed the growth of your firm. It’s really about two things– it’s really about two different connection issues, sharing who you are as a firm and sharing the impact of what you do as a firm.

Every single client that we coach today is experiencing the change that really happened 15 to 20 years ago, and that’s this– we no longer can just influence the growth of our firm through our outreach efforts, or our go to market efforts, or traditional marketing. It’s no longer just about sales efforts and newsletters that we produce. Every client, whether it’s your existing client or your target client, can reach back to you to assess who you are and the impact of what you do.

Here’s how simple it is. It can be about blogging, it can be about LinkedIn, it can be about Twitter.

When I think about blogging, it’s two to four articles on your website about what’s going on in your marketplace, what’s going on in the verticals that you focus on, whether it’s health care, higher education or corporate. It’s about what the impact of some of your current work is, what are your projects about, how are they impacting your clients.

From a LinkedIn perspective, it’s not just putting out invitations, and getting volume, and accepting invitations, it’s also posting articles– what are your observations of what’s going on in the marketplace. Again, this is how people want to get to know you.

On Twitter– I haven’t gone to an event in the last four years where there hasn’t been a live feed about what’s going on at that event. Clients– I find clients, potential clients, are looking for your comments. If you’re attending that conference, there’s live tweeting. You can learn how to do this. It’s not that complicated. But the punch line is your clients get to know do you really– why are you going to that conference, do you really care about the content of that conference.

Let me pull it all back together and make it personal, relative to our own practice. As we started to embrace this, in the growth of our practice, not only did we become more visible, but I’m sure all of you have experienced this, you meet a client and you think to yourself I really want to work with that client. Here’s what we’ve learned and I’ve seen this happen over and over again. I can meet one person in that firm, but sometimes that firm will reach in and connect with us on social media– look at the book that we’ve authored, look at a lot of our blog posts, look at the video posts that we do, look at events that we’ve live tweeted at– and they get to know us so by the time I get to that second and third meeting, the whole process of us taking them on as a client and being more effective with them as a client goes faster.

Well, thanks for listening and be safe.


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