RESET: Building a Roadmap for Revenue

Coming up with a revenue growth strategy can be incredibly challenging. Identifying your target markets, creating projections, setting up geographies, and assembling your team.

But then what? How is that team being directed to reach the revenue goals? What’s guiding them?

We believe in building strategic road maps that lay out a methodology proven to bring speed to the account development process. Building a road map will feel slow. The process will feel counterintuitive.

We encourage you to slow down. Don’t just jump to “getting in front of people,” and watch our video.

Building a Roadmap for Revenue


I’d like to share with you today a topic that we see affects almost every single client that we work with, and really, to be fair, has impacted our own practice.

It seems like a linear topic, and that’s building a road map to more effective revenue growth, or more effective go-to market strategy. It’s really more about emotional intelligence from our perspective.

The what is it’s kind of natural, especially for our top executives that we coach– the CEO, the CEO of any firm that we work with– to want to jump right to action.

“How quickly, Wayne O’Neill & Associates, can you get us in front of people?”

“How quickly can you set those meetings?

Because their assumption is the quicker we get to action, the quicker things are going to happen.

But here’s the trap that you can fall into. And again, we’ve been pulled along with this inadvertently ourselves. Action with no plan can inadvertently create inaction. And here’s the way that happens.

It happens at other parts of your team, particularly with the technical people. They can get timid. They can get actually fearful. Are we doing the right thing? Is this is part of the impact journey of connecting and building sustainable revenue? It just causes questions that are not as easy for you to pick up as a top executive.

So what’s the solution to that? What do we try to snap back even if we make a mistake ourselves and letting our clients pull us along? It’s to see that there’s a process. And even though you may want to control things by jumping to capture plans– normal emotional reaction– there’s actually a better way, which is to try to influence the overall go to market process through a roadmap– identify smart clients, identify the smart aspects of those market segment.

How do you match up with your impact to those segments that you’re targeting? Curating client intelligence– the aspects of competition, employees, who are they trying to connect with with their own customers? Capture plans are good, but then leveraging partners, leveraging and aggregating market insight, because that’s what will lead to deal flow.

And the bottom line on all that is, we get it’s normal to try to want to get to capture plans, try to get in front of people. But speed and impact and sustainability results is really connected to a road map. And that’s more about emotional intelligence. And again, we get drawn into that many times with our clients, but we always try to bring you back to leveraging that roadmap. Well, thanks for listening, and be safe.

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