Leveraging Team Talent: Walking Our Talk at RESET

Team TalentMost people who know what our firm does are just amazed at what we’re capable of with a microscopic team.

The funny thing is, how we do it is exactly what we teach our clients.

We have just a few people here at RESET. We’re a very boutique firm. But we deliver strings of sustainable, profitable work to our clients — plus the peace of mind that comes with it.

We’re often asked how we do it.

Today we’re pulling back the curtain.

Here’s the secret, in a nutshell: We strategically leverage the different talents of our team members. We use that leverage to link the strengths and insights of our clients to the connections we already have — and we help them bring it all together to identify and change what’s actually hiding in plain sight.

Read on to see the exact role each of our team members have in this process.

Wayne O’Neil — Founder and CEO: Coaching the Top Leadership

My strength is in leadership and coaching other leaders. It’s my job to show the leadership level how to leverage their entire team. From business development to marketing to technical staff, I help our clients’ leadership level maintain a collaborative (versus linear) approach to connecting with their clients.

As we work together, we’re able to identify what leverage and connections these leaders have, as well as what leverage and connections their whole team has. It’s part of our deep discovery process — but it’s also something I teach them to look for continually.

For most leaders, this is a new way of looking at their teams. But this isn’t an either/or scenario. I never ask our clients to stop doing what’s been working for them. Rather, I show them how to add this new perspective to their account development process to build sustainability and profitability into their already-effective systems.

Maurielle Balczon — Director of Development: Building Connections and Narratives

Maurielle’s strength is in making connections. Her job is to identify potential clients who offer great value to their marketplace, but who might not be presenting it in the most effective way possible.

Her most important role Is to reach out and connect with these companies, and help them develop their narrative. This narrative encompasses the business and political issues of their clients, as well as the true value that our client’s team brings and the change they are able to make for their marketplace.

Maurielle also coaches our clients how to do this for their clients. So what she does in her everyday job is what she teaches our coaching clients to do as well.

Kevin Cray – Director of Client Experience

Kevin’s strength is in gathering and utilizing intelligence. The elevator-pitch version of his role is he exposes our clients to additional ways they can show their value to their clients.

The first thing he does with a new client is help them get into the right mindset to make these strategies work. He shifts them from focusing on what they do to focusing on what their clients do, and what those clients are trying to accomplish.

One of the next things Kevin concentrates on is meeting preparation. This may sound very simple, but there’s an art to it. Holding a successful client/customer meeting is all about advanced preparation — and we don’t mean just setting the agenda. We mean engaging with partners and crowdsourcing information prior to the meeting so you can display authenticity.

Finally, Kevin shows our clients how to manage their pipelines in the most efficient and effective way. This entails narrowing the pipeline while deepening the opportunities. He exposes our clients to more opportunities with the clients they want to do business with, which helps them avoid chasing everything that comes across their desk.

The Bottom Line

People are always trying to demystify how our boutique firm can have such an impact in the marketplace. The secret is that in order to get our clients to do unexpected and extraordinary things, we here at RESET have to push ourselves to think outside of the box, too.

You’ve seen how we leverage the strengths of each of our team members to create a whole, game-changing experience for our coaching clients. In turn, we teach our clients how to do the same for themselves and their clients or customers. But it all starts with us. We lead by example.


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