Are you in The Instigator Crowd?

You may have seen through reading my blogs or watching my videos that the way I consult firms is a little different. I skip the pleasantries and I cut to the chase. I’ve been called a lot of names in my life, but the one I favor most is Instigator. Now, I know labeling someone as an instigator usually has a negative connotation. People associate an instigator with a kid on the school yard stirring up trouble. And, honestly, I may stir up some trouble. But it leads to the results that my clients crave.

When people are using the same ineffective strategies for years (or, often, DECADES) and you bring things to light that they had already been considering but were not yet willing to address, things do get stirred up. People are upset by change. Especially sudden, drastic change, whether it’s what’s best or not.

I know I’m not the only one who does business like this. I connect with people all of the time who are stirring up change in their given industry. There’s many instigators out there.

Are you one of them?



An instigator isn’t someone who is arbitrarily pushing on a group or team. If an instigator is working on a team, they don’t attack the team with their idea and try to convince them it’s golden. Each person is spoken to, one-on-one, and you allow for the idea to spread naturally. An instigator starts with one person, then the next, then another…it’s like plate spinning. They get the momentum moving until everyone is balanced.

An instigator creates a viral effect with an idea—just like that video you can’t help but share. Because they take a one-on-one approach, the impact on each person is a big one. This causes a dramatic change, but it’s evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Look deeper

If you’re an instigator, you see the diversity of the challenges. An amateur may think the challenge is a very base-level struggle, while you see the issue as something else. The issue is more complex than people often look at it. It’s not about account development coaching, it’s about underneath challenges. Instigators see that. They connect the dots one at a time and unify a group within an organization or between organizations.

The way I see it

I see instigation as something very EQ and socially responsible. You’re going shoulder-to-shoulder, discovering and uncovering things together and finding out how you can get others involved. It’s not a bullhorn, it’s a partnership. Then another person comes in, and eventually you have a whole team on board with a mission for the greater good.

Here’s the bottom line…

Even if our goals seem different, or they lie in different industries, instigators have the same ideals and methods for being impactful. We, as a community, should seize the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.

Before LinkedIn had the option of creating a company page, we had made a group about our business. As things have evolved, we’d rather bring focus to other idea-makers and influencers. It’s not about our company, it’s about the community. So we’ve transformed it into an Instigator LinkedIn Group. If your values are in line with what I’ve mentioned, please join and share with us.

NOTE: If you go visit the Instigator LinkedIn Group it will appear that it’s all about me. Those are historical posts that are part of the group’s history, and therefore cannot be deleted. Our mission going forward is to make this about you — the Instigator Crowd.

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