Incorporate Management Training Into Your Intelligent Growth Plan

Companies that have reset their thinking and embraced a new approach to client engagement built on authentic connection often want to know the next step to achieve more revenue growth.

First, let’s review your growth plan. You exited the old race of playing the numbers game trying to win projects, you started a new race pursuing smart clients, your team established productive habits instead of racing to the bottom on price, and you’ve won more project scope leveraging your solution for value and impact. Now you want to turn sustainable revenue into vast revenue.

One way to take the next step is incorporating management training into your plan to continue growing revenue intelligently.

Why is Management Training Important to Fuel Growth?

You’ve likely heard of the flywheel effect. As a business coach who helps clients build authentic connection with their target companies to create revenue opportunities, I call it the connection flywheel. The concept is the same.

When you work at building the flywheel, you focus on actions that create momentum and will provide support well after you’ve put in the initial effort. Then, once you start building more authentic connections, you will see the flywheel start to move. And, once the flywheel starts turning, your company will have energy and momentum that speeds up the process. What’s the result? Over time, you will realize more revenue-generating opportunities at a reduced cost of time and money.

This is where management training is critical to keep the flywheel moving. It’s very easy for managers to allow bad habits to re-enter the picture. Whether it’s not holding their team accountable for how they’re spending time or allowing shortcuts for the sake of a tight deadline, bad habits can steal energy from the flywheel if left unchecked over time.

That’s why managers need to continuously be trained on authentic connection until it becomes second nature with no other acceptable path. It’s about training the brain to recognize smart clients and then holding the team to a high standard of how they’re pursuing these clients. Then, your company will be ready to reap the rewards.

  • Managers should be conditioned to look for the problem behind the problem. Then, the team will follow through by asking better questions, gathering more valuable evidence, and gaining insight at a much faster pace.
  • Managers should be trained on how to intelligently prioritize their actions. Then, the team will follow suit by no longer wasting time on ineffective processes and accomplish more by pursuing authentic connection with clients.
  • Managers should understand how to leverage the right partners to add value, then pass along this knowledge to the team. Then, the team will be equipped to quickly identify solutions that will address multiple issues, creating larger project scope.

Ready to Continue Growing Intelligently?

Think of the most successful organizations, businesses, or teams in the world. Perhaps it’s an institution you admire, a Fortune 500 company that generates year-over-year revenue growth, or a sports team that is consistently successful.

Do you think this organization achieved success by accident? No, it required great leadership and management, a universal commitment to the strategy, and the right amount of time to form winning habits.

You’re already on the right path embracing authentic connection with target clients. Now, it’s about achieving universal buy-in through a top-down approach of holding your teams accountable for continuing to support an intelligent growth plan.

Everyone has to commit. Managers must be willing to receive training. Everyone has to put some skin in the game to help your company reach the next level of growth. The more that everyone in the company practices good habits and pursues authentic connection, the faster the connection flywheel will move.

  • Easier to identify smart clients.
  • Easier to authentically connect with clients.
  • Faster to decipher your client’s hidden problem.
  • Faster to identify business and political issues, influencers, and decision-makers.
  • Easier and faster to bring in the right partners to form a more comprehensive solution that generates larger pieces of scope.

When you’re ready to speed up the flywheel, contact us to discuss how we can help by facilitating coaching, training, and instruction to your managers and other personnel.

Through our proven methodology, The Connection Process, we can help your company create faster revenue opportunities that will pay off for years to follow. We are confident that success is one conversation away.


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