Thank You for the Opportunity to Partner in Success!

As the year comes to a close, we’re reviewing the progress our clients have made in 2018 — and as usual, we’re both excited and incredibly proud.

We’re excited because our hard-working clients got outstanding results for their firms this year.


And we’re proud because they came into our coaching program with open minds and they put in the work — so our partnership helped take them so much further than any of us could have imagined.

Today I’d like to highlight three of our clients and their success during the revenue coaching process.

This year we helped a construction firm discover that they had a mutually shared connection between two significant clients, a healthcare firm and a university. The firm had been in a relationship with these clients for over 20 years, but they didn’t know they had a shared alliance. Once we helped them to uncover this person, the construction firm was able to move forward with multi-million-dollar projects on both campuses.

We also helped an internationally recognized design firm discover more prospective clients within the healthcare market. This market is a dominant one for them, and they thought they knew it inside and out. By following our coaching, the design firm opened up new revenue streams this year.

Finally, we helped a local contractor expand their geographic revenue strategy in an area where they thought they had tapped all the prospective clients.

So much of our clients’ success happens when together we:

  1. Discover untapped business and political issues that are driving the real decision making in their target markets
  2. Uncover alliances at executive levels and diverse partnerships that help move along the deal-making process
  3. Locate unexpected sources of cash funding to help the deal-making process close faster

The Bottom Line

All of our clients have made incredible progress this year, and we are so proud to be part of their success.

As you begin to consider how you are going to invest your time and budget in the new year, reach out to us on LinkedIn or check us out at We’d love to help you change the game in your marketplace.

From all of us here at RESET, happy holidays and happy New Year!


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