Higher Education Asset Management Project Delivery Partner Session

On Tuesday January 17th, Wayne O’Neill and Associates facilitated a project delivery partner session related to higher education institutions in the Southeastern US.  The main topic of discussion was how to leverage facilities and asset management to help solve difficult issues in the higher education market.  In attendance were some big players in the higher education market in general contractors, asset management software, facility condition assessments and real estate development.  Besides the service providers, there also were former owners in higher education to provide industry insight.


The beginning of the session was geared towards understanding some of the major business and political issues in higher education.  After defining what the attendees considered to be “smart clients”, we created a list of institutions that were “smart”. As an outcome of this session, Wayne O’Neill and Associates will begin project managing the cross collaboration and leveraging each other’s client intelligence and connections of the top 5 joint targets.


For more information on upcoming project delivery partner sessions, please check the “events” section.


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