Give Your Go-To-Market Strategy a Check-Up

How do you measure the effectiveness of an exercise regimen?

You monitor your weight, right? If your weight goes down, you’re on the right track. If your weight goes up, you know you need to change things up.

You know, though, that weight isn’t the only indicator of good health. You probably also take other results into account, too.

You watch for your bad cholesterol levels to go down. You notice improved endurance and stamina. Your muscle mass increases, you sleep better at night and your mood improves.

You know that an exercise regimen should have many health benefits — and while losing weight might be your top priority, you’re also measuring your success by additional health improvements.

In this way, your go-to-market strategy is like an exercise regimen.
Increased sales might be your top priority, but there are other important indications of a healthy go-to-market strategy.


3 Indicators of a Healthy Go-to-Market Strategy

Does your business need to get in shape? Don’t rely solely on your sales numbers to answer that question.

A healthy go-to-market strategy does a lot more for your business than increase sales. Here are three areas where we see big improvements when our clients have a healthy go-to-market strategy.

Lead Assessment

This is going to be really counterintuitive for most of you, but we’ve seen it time and time again:

When you have a healthy go-to-market strategy, it takes your team longer to assess potential customers.

When your strategy is healthy, you’re more selective about who you work with. You target Smart Clients only — and it takes time to identify those people.

If your team is slowing down and assessing your target clientele more thoroughly, this is a good thing. You’re actually slowing down to go faster with better customers.

Knowledge of the Business and Political Issues Surrounding Your Clients

Another area of your business that improves when you have a healthy go-to-market strategy is your industry knowledge.

You and your team become more knowledgeable about the business and political issues that are impacting your target client and their broader industry.

Why is this important? Because knowing what’s going on in the hearts and minds of your target clientele enables you to initiate more valuable conversations with them.

You show up in a more powerful way for your customers.

The Results of Event Attendance

When your go-to-market strategy is healthy, your team will attend industry-related events in a different way, too. Instead of just showing up and passing out business cards, they’ll pre-plan conversations with strategic individuals they know will be in attendance.

Instead of handing out a phone number and hoping for a call-back, you and your team will be having value-packed conversations with the right people in the right places.

The Bottom Line

These three indicators are only a few of the many we coach our clients to assess here at RESET. Using The Connection Process, we teach you how to evaluate the health of your business and make strategic adjustments to see results above and beyond increased sales.

We’d love to sit down with you and show you what you should be evaluating for your team’s go-to-market shape-up. Start exploring The Connection Process.


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