Expanding Our Team: More than Filling Gaps

I feel constantly pressed as CEO to walk our talk and morph our team appropriately. When I see small holes that are in need of being filled, I know that if I don’t take action soon, those holes will widen into gaps where our practice falls short. My latest hires, Matt Montgomery and Terri Hoffman, do more than fill a void—they bring a whole new aspect of insight and creative solutions to our team.

Matt Montgomery – Client Intelligence Manager

Leveraging client intelligence in its raw form is an important discipline that we teach of all of our clients to accrue, so it’s important for us to stay ahead. To aid our team in that discipline, we’re adding Matt Montgomery—a talent who has a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, superior intellectual curiosity, and information technology savvy. He’ll be utilizing those skills to discover how we can leverage insight that comes out of our five baseline verticals and our three practice areas. It’s not a matter of just finding articles that relate to our clients, it’s about finding and leveraging information that you can morph and your clients can use when strategically implementing projects.

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Terri Hoffman – Growth Strategist

Leveraging client intelligence is a job in itself, but with all of this information comes huge project management silos. Balancing all of those project management silos within any practice is a task that takes skills in emotional intelligence and project management while possessing the ability to deal with messiness. This person isn’t an operations manager, and it’s more than an administrative role. It’s the person who is balancing the important versus the urgent, constantly, and doing it in an emotionally intelligent way. We have added the skills of Terri Hoffman to model that for our team and for our clients to feel that in the way we deliver value to them. However, our clients have already been feeling the impact of Terri’s work, for some time now. Things like our branding, blog, social media activity, video series, book launch, the skills scorecard, and the advancement of our dashboard are examples of how Terri has helped us before as part of the team.

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