How We’re Responding to the COVID-19 Events

We recognize this is a difficult time for many businesses. The COVID-19 health crisis has caused everyone in our country to adjust how we live everyday life, much less conduct business.

While this is a crisis that we all want to be aware of in terms of how to protect ourselves and others, we also don’t want to stop creating and moving scope for our clients. We want to keep moving forward. Thankfully, technology has made it possible to adapt.

Typically, our team meets with clients in-person for business coaching. In order to protect our team and our clients, we are shifting to online coaching during this time.

Continued Scope Creation

Yes, there are some uncomfortable issues to deal with because of changes to our every-day routines. Also, many industry events and conferences are being canceled. But we are continuing forward and building on momentum that had already been developed.

Why is momentum so important right now? While the U.S. and global economy is flying into a significant headwind from COVID-19 uncertainty, there is still an opportunity to take advantage of concession financing structures to fuel project work creation.

The Word from Wall Street During COVID-19 Uncertainty

Our team has spent significant time this month talking to our Wall Street equity partners about current market conditions.

While it’s not business as usual, and Wall Street is feeling the effects of chaos in the marketplace, the general response from the finance community is to keep moving forward.

For institutions in industries such as healthcare and education, we recognize there is tremendous stress. Hospitals are running out of beds. Schools are being shut down for the semester. The capital spending that institutions had earmarked for this year seems to be on the brink.

But, there is an opportunity to tap into concession financing to move project scope along. Institutions simply cannot wait for debt financing to come around to fund these projects. Because Wall Street wants to get involved in big capital projects to help stabilize the economy, institutions have leverage.

For example, a $200 million concession can now be valued at $260 million, creating tremendous value for institutions looking to push through capital projects during these uncertain times.

RESET comes into play by helping stakeholders change the conversation and communicate more effectively with other stakeholders to accelerate deal flow and scope creation.

We want to come alongside your team to ensure that you are connecting with a target client’s business and political issues to advance projects in a more intelligent and collaborative way that ultimately leads to faster, more sustainable revenue.

While we won’t be having these conversations in-person in the near future, we will be providing online business coaching using our proven methodology, The Connection Process, to maximize your organization’s opportunity for growth during turbulent times.

We would appreciate hearing from you, especially knowing more about how the specific issues your organization is facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s identify solutions that will pay off now and in the long run so that your organization has momentum coming out of this crisis. Contact us today.


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