My Book Has Launched!

For me, this is more than just a book launch. This is a promise I kept to myself. It’s a long, emotional journey coming to a close.

A little about the process

In writing this book, I wanted to make sure that I honored what I think is important about connecting with others while modeling that behavior. The style and the function of the book was important to me: it’s very punchy, because it’s targeted at executives who don’t have a lot of time on their hands for allusion. I labored over details, like the illustrations, because I wanted to keep in line with my company’s branding, which I like to think of it as weird but intriguing. It wasn’t just me who was on this journey, it took a team to write this book. It didn’t just take a writer, it took a team, a project manager, my whole team pushing on me.

The biggest challenge for me in writing was that I didn’t want this to be the traditional business book. There’s plenty of those out there already. I’d like for this book to be one that you think about for a while after you’ve completed the last page. I hope that if you read RESET: What I Want You to Buy Is…STOP SELLING, you’ll be left with a message that resonates with you as well as ways of doing things that you’ll be able to put to practice for your business.

Here’s the Bottom Line…


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