Announcing Our Revenue Growth Workshop

I would like to personally invite you to an upcoming workshop that will completely change the way you develop accounts.

This isn’t a sales training workshop. It’s not a personal development seminar. It’s an intense 2-day interactive event in Houston that will change the way you think. And it’s limited to 15 participants.

On November 17-18, 2015, you will learn The Connection Process™. This powerful methodology will help your business grow in a faster, more collaborative and intelligent way. It is designed to drive sustainable revenue growth.

In two days, you’ll challenge the traditional sales process and learn how to:

  • Effectively connect with owners and decision-makers
  • Implement sustainable pathways to account-based relationships
  • Leverage partner relationships in new ways to create impact and speed to revenue
  • Combine your existing approach with the new approach to avoid strategy shock


You’ll walk away with skills and a whole new mindset. And you’ll be able to blend this new approach seamlessly into what’s already working for your organization.

For more information or to register, go to

I hope to see you there!


Wayne O’Neill

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