A Coach Can Help You Achieve Personal & Professional Goals in 2021

Many business owners, managers, and executives set aside their personal and professional goals in 2020 attempting to survive the pandemic disruption. Now, it’s time to re-calibrate and get back on track in 2021.

Working with a business coach can help you identify blind spots that may have crept up during the pandemic, help you set smart goals that make sense at this stage of your career, and help you create the personal life that you desire by striking the appropriate work-life balance.

Are Your Personal and Professional Goals Interfering?

I often work with clients whose personal and professional goals are interfering with each other. Some clients have very ambitious professional goals that lead to challenges meeting their personal goals. Meanwhile, other clients have very strong personal goals that lead to challenges growing their business.

If you are in this position of needing to re-align your personal and professional goals in 2021, let me help you reset your thinking. Think about it differently that if you take a smarter approach to client engagement with your target customers, you can achieve both sets of goals.

It’s about efficiency, strong time management, and eliminating wasted effort on a daily basis that leads to a higher level of client engagement. Once you develop great habits around this approach, you will find yourself more easily achieving your goals. A business coach can help in key areas.

Achieve Your Goals Through Authentic Connection with Clients

As a business coach, I want to help you see things differently. It starts with examining your current approach to client engagement so that you can find a better path forward. The ideal path is centered on building authentic connection with target customers. This proven approach will free you up to spend more time on revenue-generating activity and less time chasing down leads or responding to the wrong type of RFPs.

For example, if your firm is not actively examining each target customer to ensure it’s the right type of client to pursue, then you are wasting time, effort, and energy. You’ll never reach your goals if you are starting client engagement by pursuing the wrong type of client.

1. The first step in building authentic connection is to identify smart clients to pursue. Smart clients are those clients who are interested in collaboration, are transparent about what problems need to be solved, and are looking to leverage your solution for value and impact. Don’t just try to get hired. You should be laser-focused on finding smart clients who want to leverage your team and team members. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time chasing work down the wrong path.

2. The second step in building authentic connection is to align with your target customer’s business and political issues. This is critical in today’s business environment where every customer has responded differently to the pandemic. Some organizations have changed their objectives or strategy. Others have put certain initiatives on hold. You can be more efficient with your time by identifying these key issues so that you don’t waste time crafting solutions that are misaligned with your prospect’s current situation.

3. The third step in building authentic connection is to develop multiple paths of connection. You don’t want to just hear from the typical decision-maker in the organization. You and your team need to actively listen to other influencers and decision-makers who can help you craft the right-size solution that addresses the full scope of the challenge in the organization. It’s an extra step that may require a few extra meetings, but it’s incredibly valuable to improve your chances of winning the account to help support your professional goals.

4. The fourth step in building authentic connection is to leverage your solution for value and impact. This is where you can utilize the gathered intelligence to create your narrative and connect your impact to the client’s business and political issues. This should include heavy emphasis on how you plan to leverage other partners that can support your core offering to deliver a comprehensive solution that solves the larger problem for your client.

What’s the result of following this path? The opportunity to leverage valuable connections to create faster, more sustainable revenue. By following this approach, your business can grow in a more collaborative and intelligent way, helping you achieve not only your professional goals for the business, but also your personal goals.

Talk to RESET About Professional and Personal Goals

The old way of doing business is the surefire way to make you feel exhausted and unfulfilled, both professionally and personally. No longer. Generating revenue is critical, but it’s about following a better, more sustainable way.

At RESET, we can help you and your team build the right habits around client engagement. We can provide education and training that will help your team see the value in pursuing smart clients, responding to quality RFPs versus mediocre proposals, and setting goals to improve client engagement.

We absolutely believe that goals are important. You can set professional goals and set personal goals that make sense at this stage of your business growth through our business coaching approach. We’ll help you get there.

Contact us today to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation. We just need a few minutes of your time to identify key challenges to address in 2021. We’ll also show you how to start building authentic connection with target customers so that you can generate more revenue and achieve your personal and professional goals this year.


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