2 Steps to Winning More Than Just the Project

Dollarphotoclub_90726074-1024x683When a client tells you about the project they want completed, what is your reaction?

Do you say, “Great! We can do that. Here’s how we’ll get you the results you say you want,” and begin to prove how talented you are to secure the project?

If so, you’re not alone. This is the way most people respond to a client when presented with a scope of work. It’s not wrong.

But there’s a much better way to react. A way that not only proves your value, but sets you up for a beneficial long-term relationship with the client.

Dig into the Why

The best pathway for not only securing that scope, but to really impressing the client, is to go a little crazy with it. In other words, don’t accept it at face value.

Ask questions. Find out what’s really behind the project. Dig up the real why.

For example, a client wants to build a new business airport. Is the project really about an airport? Or is it about economic development? Or is it about the mayor trying to leave a legacy?

When you dig down deep, you start to realize you actually have a lot more leverage than you originally thought.

Let Your Mind Wander

Now that you know the underlying why, let it roll around in your brain a bit.

This is the really exciting part because you start connecting the dots.

How is this project, this scope, this why connected to other people? Other businesses, organizations and/or institutions?

Who do you know that could help with this scope? Or that may have unique insights into creating a broader result or more leverage for the client?

The Bottom Line

Now you’ve changed the conversation. When you come back to the client with not only an understanding of the bigger why, but a fresh angle and a plethora of tactics to get more leverage from the project — the client looks at you in a whole new way. You’re just a provider, now, you’re a thought leader. You’re someone they want to talk to, not just someone they want to work with.


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